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EBC Trek with Hari and Leela

The experience was super and once in a lifetime. The group was made up of 10 men and 1 woman (me). 8 of us have summited Mount Kilimanjaro in 2013 together so we have been planning this trip for over a year. We were in regular contact with Nava and he was super helpful in keeping us updated especially since the earthquake back in April. Of course we had concerns to continue with the planned trek for October 2015 but since Nava kept us informed of the situation in Nepal we felt it was safe to continue with the planned trip. The age of the group ranges from 32 to 65! All 11 of us made it to EBC and 6 of us made it to Kala Patthar. Key is to go slow to give your body the best chance to acclimatize. Of course all of us are avid hikers and have been staying fit to prepare. We had a great time taking in the Himalayas but we were getting tired of the same food. We shortened our trek from Lukla to EBC and Kalapatthar and back to Lukla to 11 days. We were originally scheduled for a 14 day hike but we requested our guide to help make changes to our flight back to Kathmandu so we can come down sooner. Hari and the porters were able to make the adjustments to shorten our trek and we of course provided extra tips for the effort.

One side note, most of us had delays to our flight into Kathmandu from USA. Nava was able to accommodate all of us to start the trek together. He rebooked the flights to Lukla for all 11 of us and helped track down what happened to our lost luggage. :)