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This company is one of the best in Nepal.


This company have provided us with great hospitality and even planned every trek according to one's capabilities. The warmth and guidance they gave us made our trip a memorable and very adventurous. There is no doubt that this company is one of the best in Nepal.

From Malaysia with love

Ahmad Rifai B. Nasir

Anna king

Kho Ai Siam 

Khoo Sock Ting

Mariana M. Mansor

Khoo Ai Lik

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Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Dear Nepal Environmental Trekking Co.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Nepal Environmental Trekking Co., Mr. Nava Raj , Mr. Ganesh, and especially to the greatest guide around - Dinesh.

We attempted the ABC trek. ……and we have had a great time during the trek, all because Dinesh is a very sensitive guide. he sings to keep our spirits up when we are tired. I don't think words are enough to describe how great a guide he is. We will be back and we will still want Dinesh as our guide.

……We would like to congratulate Nepal Environmental Trekking on a job well done !

Wong Huey Ling
Block 212, Pasir Ris Street 21
# 03-218, Singapore 510212
E-mail : wonghueyling@yahoo.com.sg
Tok Shon Wee
Block 518 Pasir Ris Street 52
#09-47, Singapore 510518
E-mail : joaguin@pacific.net.sg

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American, Single Female Traveler

American, Single Female Traveler
My thoughts on the company:

* Very organized - they had a variety of treks available and I'm able to put together for me in a day.
* Knowledgeable - When I asked about trekking and the difficulties of each trial they were able to answer my question to my satisfaction. Other companies were answer with vague replies or " no problem "

* Friendly - I spoke with the owner, Nava who was very reassuring about the safety of trekking alone with his company's guide. He understood English well and listened to my concerns.

My thoughts about my guide.
* Dinesh - wonderful !
* Easy to get alone with
* Very Helpful
* Keen about Trekking
* Gentle natured
* Sociable
* Popular with the people who live along the trial
* Accommodating
* Able to problem - solve
* Good boundaries - which is very important as a female traveling alone !
* Likes to laugh

I had a great time ! thank you

Elizabeth M. Kenny
Baltimore, Md, 21225
Tel : 410 - 789-7078

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Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking with Ramesh Paneru is an absolute delight. His knowledge of Khumbu's trail and peaks is both impressive and reassuring (other guides and porters regularly ask him the way). His nature is kind and generous (he sings and smiles and offers jokes and all jokes at just the right time). And he is as intent on sharing what he can of the Napali culture and politics with trekkers as he is with safety acclimatizing them on their way toward their destination. As for the trek itself, the views from Kala Patthar on a clear morning speak for themselves they are nothing short of brutally magnificient. As for Ramesh I recommend him with great enthusiasm and without reservation, and look forward to returning to Nepal to trek with him again.

Edward Scharfenberg
New York City
(Everest Base Camp Trek)
Date: 24th11 2002

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Really enjoyed our trekking

We are really enjoyed our trekking. Our guide are very honest and friendly. We impressed deeply not only nice scenery but also good persons.
Porters are also good persons. They carried our baggage not complained.
We trust come again to Nepal and see you heartily. Thank you.

Japan trekking party
Shuichi O Kazawa
Hiroshi Hosoda
Kazuko Shifata

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Annapurna Jomsom - Beni Trek

We had a wonderful 7-day trek from Jomsom to Beni along the river valley in the Annapurna region. Our guide, Ang Dawa Sherpa, had a comprehensive knowledge of the region, it's history, travel routes a times, mountain characteristics, and alternative options. His English was also superb. The trek route was beautiful with a varied terrain & variety of vegetation, environment settings. The teahouses were very comfortable and clean. We were pleased that we remained perfectly healthy throughout the entire trek. Nepal Environmental Trekking covered all of our needs. Nava, was extremely responsive to all of our questions & concern prior to booking and arriving in Nepal. We were thoroughly pleased & impressed with the services & knowledge of Nepal Environmental Trekking and it's staffs. We would certainly recommend the group and use them again when we return to Nepal.

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Poon Hill Trek

We enjoyed the trek to Poon Hill very much. The arrangements were handled in very professional manner and our guide Krishna was excellent. He handled all of the accommodation at the many guesthouses in a low-key and very efficient manner. He also sums to it that that we ordered our meals in advance. He is knowledgeable of the customs of the people in the villages along the way added to our enjoyment. He also provided some historical background. The matter was excellent for our descent to Poon Hill and the scenery was excellent.

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Thank you very much

Thank you very much to everyone. It was a dream of mine to trek in Nepal and I couldn't have had a better fulfillment!

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Thank you very much, I'll remember and tell other people.

A special thanks to a very kind man who was very helpful when I was alone and not feeling well in Kathmandu. He provided one with very kind guides and organized my trip to reach my friends.

Thank you very much, I'll remember and tell other people.

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Our 21 days trek of the circuit was awesome

Our 21 days trek of the circuit was awesome. Our guide ANG DAWA SHERPA was a huge factor to the great time + memorable experience we had. At all time he was professional, knowledgeable, strong + sensitive to our needs - everything you want in a guide. He intimately knew the mountains + the village people. His mountaineering background + stories were interesting too, at the end of the trek he left as our friend. We can't recommend him enough.

The package put together by Nepal Environmental was also professional, reasonable + of high quality. Our accommodation, food etc, we were very pleased with. Overall we thought that this longer trek was a great way to see some of Nepal.

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Annapurna Sanctuary 10Days

We have just arrived back in Kathmadnu after returning from a 10-day trek around the Annapurna Sanctuary.

It was a fantastic experience and one we will never forget. We found the trek good value of money and through our guide - Arjun Neopane, learnt loads about Nepali culture as well as some of the language.

Arjun was great fun and a very experienced guide. He really made our trip a special one and we'll definitely be keeping in touch.

We found the trek really flexible, we could go at our own place and spend longer in a particular place as we wanted to.

We'd highly recommend booking a trek through Nepal Environmental and if you can get Arjun as your guide then all the better.

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Everest Base Camp

We just arrived back in Kathmandu after a fantastic 3-week trek to Everest Base Camp with our guide Krishna.

The trek itself was pretty tough walking, but very rewarding with seeing many amazing snowy peaks, including a few glimpses of Everest. The lodges + guesthouses we stayed in were good + very friendly.

Krishna, our guide has been a real star throughout our trek. He has been very friendly thoughtful + kind to us throughout. And looked after me when I was sick one day. Although he kept beating us at cards. Thanks to Krishna for helping me to reach Everest Base Camp + fulfill one of my dreams.

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Everest Base Camp

The toughest part of the trip is getting your body used to "squatting". The up and down hiking, for me, was an opportunity to push my body and mental toughness. Sadly due to Monsoon season, I was unable to see Mt. Everest. On the other hand, the goal of the trip was not to see Everest rather to make it to Base Camp. In this regard our trip was very successful. Our guide introduced us to many people that shared plethora & stories of Everest ascents, adventures and travels. K.B.(our guide) was strong, competent and very knowledgeable. He knew the exact heights of every mountain peaks pass and village along our trip. Furthermore he could estimate with tremendous accuracy, the distance and times to the next destination. An overall success and a great experience.

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Great Adventure

It was a great adventure. Awesome K.B. was the best guide. We know it was a success because we made it back alive. Praise God. There was danger & excitement all along the way. The thin air was a big challenge. But God was with us.

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Annapurna circuit

Annapurna circuit - with Ang Dawa Sherpa
It's my second time trekking in Nepal with the same company and the same guide, Ang Dawa Sherpa. This time the trek was longer form the first time and the season was different but I enjoyed it much. The rain was not too strong, it was quite refreshing actually, many flowers along the way, fresh food, a warm welcome and nice talk with my guide who knows a lot about the local culture and who has always been helpful in difficult moments (slightly breathing problems) in high altitudes + 4800 walking through landslides, I always felt very secure in his company and would recommend him as a trekking guide. I know that some trekkers choose to go trekking by themselves for financial reason. In my opinion it's a mistake and you would miss a lot. No explanation about anything, no help should a problem arise, no security in case of accident. I have found Nepal Environmental trekking agency very friendly and professional. If I came back to Nepal, I will definitely use the same agency and the same guide.

Thank you very much.

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Jomsom - Muktinath - Pokhara

Fantastic 11 day trek through some wonderful scenery and landscape. A brilliant way to meet a Nepali and also some Tibetans. We were very well looked after by our guide, Krishna and porter Bhakta. Always the best rooms and food in the teahouses. For someone whose only experience is golf, Krsihna make sure the pace was just right for me ! We had a great fun, singing and dancing on some evenings.

Chitwan - Again a brilliant experience. Saw lots of animals and birds, including a bear. Bathing with the elephant cannot be missed. Jungle activities were catered to meet our interests.

We shall be recommending Nepal Environmental to our friends back home.
If you're reading this and not too certain of going on a trek - Don't hesitate, go for it. You will be well cared for and looked after.

Many thanks to all and in particular Krishna and Bhakta.

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Annapurna Base Camp

The day I arrived to Nepal I was picked up from the airport, comport settaled in right away the company was like a family, great in every way. I highly recommend their service. I chose to take on the Annapurna trek for 12 day the experience was breathtaking, majestic, everything was provided. At time it was strenuous walking but worth every effort. It's great to get away from the city life. As you inbark on a uninterrupted journey by the time you reach base camp. Mother nature has provided the greatest picture ever. You are on top of the world, heaven on earth what a reward. But most of all my greatest gratitude goes towards my guide. We became best of friends between is their was a connection immediate and obvious that he embraces every moment as you would there for we were on the same level from the start.

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Jomsom Annapurna Base Camp Trek

I have returned from a 14-day trek up to Annnapurna Base camp & then over the Jomsom. The trek went very well & I was extremely pleased with the services provided by the guide, Shiva, and my porter, Surya, It was a fabulous experience & I would highly recommend the team of Nepal Environmental. They were very professional & Knowledgable , as well as knowing how to deal with minor injuries. I hope anyone that chooses a trek - The Annapurna region has a wonderful time as well.

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