Trekking Equipments

Trekking Equipments

We provide a kit bag (for your goods to be carried by porter) and at tea houses you will have foam mattresses. If you are on camping trek, company provides the mattresses, tents etc. You may bring your own down jacket and sleeping bag or you may purchase (one quarter of price in KTM) or hire for around US$ 1 per item daily. Do not come without “well walked in boots”-poor boots poor trek and the best boot the best trek.


  • Lightweight walking boots "walked" on them prior to arrival in Nepal to avoid blisters.
  • During day-light weight cotton pants, shorts wrap around skirt.
  • At night-track top, pants.
  • Cotton T-Shirts.
  • Cotton T-Shirts.
  • Sun hat-sunburn is severe at rarefied altitudes.
  • Thick outer woolen socks, thin inner cotton.
  • Vaseline for feet and crouch.
  • Water bottle-2 liters.
  • Iodine to purify water.
  • Swimming suit.
  • Sunglasses and strap.
  • Toilet paper and cig. Lighter, Toilet paper can be bought in Kathmandu and some villages in the mountains.
  • Small headlamp/ flashlight/ torch with spare batteries.
  • Personal medical supplies-do not forget band-aids, elastic bandage.
  • Pocket knife and sewing kit.
  • Sunscreen, sun bock, sun-tan lotion.
  • Small daypack-25 liters.
  • Rain jacket-poncho style to cover backpack.
  • Water proof pant.
  • First aid kit.
  • Small towels.
  • For Winter Season (Additional)
  • Warm down fiber filled jacket.
  • Sleeping bag to-15 c with inner sheet.
  • Thermal underwear, woolen shirts and thick sweaters.
  • Flannel shirt.
  • Beanie with ear flaps.
  • A pair of gloves.
  • Snow glasses and strap.
  • Snow gaiters.

Additional Suggestion

  • Sandals or slip on shoes.
  • Camera and film.
  • Spare boot laces.
  • Large plastic bag to line kit bag, day pack and for dirty clothes.


  • Tourism Department
  • Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal
  • Nepal Mountaineering Association
  • Kathmandu Environmental Education Project
  • Himalayan Rescue Association, Nepal


  • VISA Card
  • Master Card
  • JCB
  • Maestro
  • American Express

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