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We were using Nepal Environmental during the Earthquake25/04/2015

We are from Singapore and had booked a 9-days trek ABC&Poon Hill of of which Nava had been liaising and very accommodating with our trek plan. Our guide is Hari Krishna +porter BJay and we were so GLAD to have them especially so after the quake happened when we were just half-way through in our 9-days trek! You can see the real, unmasked service level when disaster happened.

Both Hari and BJay villages were badly affected and while they were worried and trying to contact their families amid the bad network, Hari especially did not abandoned us and rush back to his family after hearing his house was badly damaged - however this did happened to another young couple whose guide informed that he need to left them halfway in their trek in order to get back to his family. We cannot blame anyone especially the guides if they choose to do this in the face of a major disaster and thus, we were so appreciative towards Hari who accompany us throughout the whole trek. This is what I call a true reflection of Professionalism in Hari's work as a guide with 30 days of experience. We did cut our stay in Pokhara after our trek so that they can went back to their families much earlier. May Nepal and her beautiful people be able to recover shortly after the quake and the aftermaths sooner.