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Nayapul-Muktinath Trek

Our experience with Environmental Trekking was great - Nava was amazing in communicating online with us, and showed us a range of possible trekking routes and different prizes before we chose one, with great patience and detail. The actual trek was superb and the route challenging, but rewarding overall. Our guide, Pancha, was amazing (ask for him if you can!), both confidently navigating the Himalaya while also accommodating our interests us we travelled up the valley, allowing us to stop off at a few gompas and explaining Buddhist theory/architecture to us too! Our porter, Combo, was also great, always cheery and polite, raising spirits throughout the trip. The accommodation varied a little, some with hot water and amazing views, others with some thin beds and dauntingly large spiders, but we did go for a cheaper package, and I'm sure if you were a bit pushy you could ensure consistently good accommodation. Overall, however, a brilliant experience and I'll be sure to return to Nava and his team for future treks here!

Just a note: If possible, avoid using the main road with the cars and take the old route - we had to use the former, partly due to poor weather conditions and partly due to a lack of time so the road offered a faster alternative, but next time we'll definitely stick to the older paths.