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Fantastic Guide & Amazing Trekking in Annapurna Circuit

I was lucky enough to have done the circuit with an excellent guide called Ratna. He was extremely knowledgeable, very intelligent, kind, helpful and perceptive. I think with all these qualities he has enhanced my experience of the Annapurna circuit tenfold. Ratna knows a great deal of many things to do with trekking and an equal measure of knowledge outside of it. I would personally recommend him and the company to my friends and anyone interested in doing treks in Nepal as the experience does not get better than this.

The company is very professional, honest and provides the trekking experience you ask for. I asked for a "non-touristy" package that was gritty and I certaintly received it in way of the routes we took.

There are no attempts by the company to steer you one direction over another. They are not pushy and respect your decision of choosing a particular trek (a quality not so easily found in the tourist district of Thamel) and guides who are extremely sociable, professional and knowledgable.

What more could you ask for?