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Kanchenjunga Trek

Kanchenjunga Trek is remote, wild and full of adventure. Named after Kanchenjunga Peak (8586m), the world’s third highest peak, the region is located in Taplejung District in the northeastern part of Nepal on the borders of Sikkim and Tibet. The area is well known for its three river valleys: the Simbua Khola, the Ghunsa and the Tamur valleys. In 1997, the Government of Nepal in support of WWF has declared the core area of Kanchenjunga region as a " Gift to the Earth".

The highlights of the Kanchenjunga trek are the magnificent views of Kanchenjunga Massif, varied landscapes of forests, rivers, glaciers and enchanting forests of rhododendrons. Spread in an area of 2035 sq. km., Kanchenjunga Conservation Area is another attraction of this trek where you will find rare and unique flora and fauna including rhododendrons, orchids, muck deer, snow leopard, Asiatic black bear, red panda etc. Kanchenjunga area is also a global hotspot for plant biodiversity and as many as 23 species of rhododendrons and over 2000 flowering plants have been identified here.

The Kanchenjunga Trek allows you to discover the unique local culture and lifestyle of the local people who live in tranquil villages that stretch beyond the border to Tibet and Sikkim. The region is rich in ethnic diversity and culture with over 11 ethnic communities including Limbus, Sherpa, Rai, Chhetri and Brahmins. The area also hosts a score of monasteries, chhortens, temples, prayer-walls which forms a tapestry of rich cultural heritage.

Kanchenjunga Trek is purely a camping trek. The trail gradually ascends from 1200m (4,000ft) to 5180m (17,094ft) above sea level. Climate in Kanchenjunga varies from subtropical monsoon and humid summer at the lower elevations to cold and wet winter in the alpine region. Along the way, you will walk along trails used by locals and yaks, while the main trek to Kanchenjunga has still been described as ‘untrekked’. We will also cross over several passes including Mirgin La pass which offers majestic views of Kanchenjunga Massif. Kanchenjunga Base Camp, Kanchenjunga South and North Trek, Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek some of the trekking routes available in this area.

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