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Traditional Wedding Tour in Nepal

Nepal Environmental Treks proudly offers traditional Hindu and Buddhist Marriage Ceremony arrangements. The wedding customs of Hindu and Buddhist are most popular among marriage traditions and ceremonies of various ethnic groups and castes of Nepal. The majority of the population in Nepal is Hindu and Buddhist. Both of them deeply believe in traditional marriages as it is supposed to last a life time. It is an unshakable and traditional conviction that such marriages lead to much conjugal happiness and success. It emphasizes on mutual respect and discourages the practice of divorce.

Wedding rituals in Nepal attract many visitors. Some even renew their marriage vows by marrying in the Nepali tradition. We can arrange such traditional marriage ceremonies following the rituals of Hindu and Buddhist religions as per the interest of the couple.

Traditional Buddhist Wedding in Nepal

These marriages also have unique features. Buddhist weddings in Nepal are sober affairs, with focus on marriage rituals The weddings are usually a big affair, sometimes whole villages are invited along with numerous extended

Hindu Wedding Tour

Traditional Hindu wedding ceremonies in Nepal are a major celebration which takes place only in certain months of the year which include mid January to mid-March, mid-April to mid-June and mid-November to mid-December. Highly regarded as a sacrament, Hindu marriages are solemnized in accordance with the VEDAS,