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Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal


Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal with Nepal Environmental Buddhist For Buddhist tourists around the world, a pilgrimage to a holy Buddhist destination is perhaps, the one that gives the most satisfaction. It is a journey that brings them closer to their religion by enhancing their appreciation for its principles, beliefs and philosophies.

Nepal is home to two of the most holy of places connected with Buddhism. These places are directly related with Lord Gautam Buddha. Lumbini, the first and most important of the two, is the birth place of Gautam Buddha while Kapilavastu is the place where he grew up, witnessed pain and sorrow of life and ultimately decided to give up everything in search of enlightenment.


From ancient times, Nepal has been the place of origin for the Hindu religion and the holy place of Lord Pashupatinath. For centuries, mythology and mystique has swept the land and there are numerous temples, mosques and monasteries. Hindu pilgrimage tours or 'Tirtha Yatras' are considered an important way of attaining salvation. However, people of all faiths and religions have dreams of visiting these revered spots as a pilgrim to invoke the blessings of their Gods and obtain forgiveness for all their sins and escape the divine wrath.