Indulge In Adventurous Activities And Sightseeing Options By Considering Nepal Tour Package | Nepal tour package

Are you tired of same travel plan? Planning to change your conventional route to make your holiday trip exciting? If so, then it is the right time to book for Nepal tour. We are offering wonderful tour package which will make you enjoy the best part of your life. With our exciting tour package, you can have a fascinating trip to best destinations of the country and hence make your holiday to be the memorable event forever. Though Nepal is the small country, it seems to be the beautiful kingdom which is situated in the center of magnificent Himalayas. Our exclusively designed tour package seems to cover the mesmerizing cities of India & magnificent destinations of the amazing country of Nepal. By taking Nepal tours, you are sure to explore and experience the most exhilarating cultures of interesting countries and other sightseeing places.

Nepal tour package

Have Enjoyment From Spellbound Beauty

Nepal is a beautiful country which is spellbound with varying aspects of attraction. This astonishing place is situated in the midst of the mighty Himalayas so the tourist will have utmost enjoyment and rejuvenation by reaching here. The beautiful destination of Nepal country is the best place to rejuvenate and relax. The lush greenery, majestic mountains, colorful festivals, delicious cuisines as well as sweet populace will all combine in the form of memories and will cherish forever. Our Nepal tour package will facilitate you to have a glance at the monasteries, palaces, and forts. In addition to that, you can also able to view the picturesque landscape, snow-capped hilltops, and many more attractions. Enjoy the kindness and warmth of friendly and simple people with the distinct manner of life that is unaffected for past few centuries.

Exciting Places And Major Attractions

Nepal country is synonymous with adventurous activities and trekking and it is really a paradise for culture lovers and adventure seekers. The amalgamation of Himalayan natural beauty, culturally inclined temples, wildlife, monasteries, stupas and other adventurous activities will make this destination as the perfect spot for enjoyment. We have some of the fascinating packages for you to visit Nepal region at a reasonable rate and get excitement from the charming beauty of the country. Some of the major attractions of Nepal region includes Shiva-Parvati Temple, Hanuman Dhoka Palace, Three-story temple, Durbar square, the temple of the living goddess and many more attractions. Our Nepal tour will make your dream true and help you to take a bunch of pleasing moments which will be cherished forever.

Enviromental Trekking in Nepal

Nepal Environmental Treks & Expedition is led by a group of young, energetic and experienced youths. They have a wide experience of travel and tour operation in the Himalaya with many years of involvement in this field. Since its establishment in 1990 the company has earned recognition for the contribution and dedication to the field of tourism in Nepal.