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Trekking in Bhutan

Bhutan has some of the world’s last untouched mountain passes. With more than 72% percent of its total land area preserved under pristine natural vegetation, Bhutan is truly a trekker’s paradise. The varying levels of Himalayan ranges offer the chance for nature enthusiasts to explore the truly untamed wilderness. The calmness of the mountains and their pollution free environment remove visitors from all their mundane worries and transport them into the realms of heaven, which the locals believe these mountains are. Nature tour in Bhutan is thus a chance to refresh and rejuvenate sagging souls.

Strong conservation efforts restrict the number of people who can access this part of Bhutan. Mountains are believed to be sacred spaces and thus worthy of being preserved. Therefore, it is truly a privilege to be able to traverse these ranges and enjoy the majestic beauty of the Himalayas. Lucky visitors will have the option to choose from day long hikes to the world’s toughest trek. The mountains present both joy and a challenge of their own. Though, there are trek routes for all ages and fitness level, Bhutan’s untamed mountains provide varying level of challenges to trekkers so that when the final frontier is passed, the satisfaction is beyond the world, literally.