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Bhutan Tour Packages

Bhutan Shangrila Taste Tour-9 Days

The Taste of Shangrila tour package is an enjoyable way to experience Bhutan. The package covers western and central Bhutan. A visitor will have the chance to enjoy the beauty of Bhutan and its cultural and natural wealth.

Bhutan Mystic Taste Tour - 7 Days

Bhutan Mystic Taste is a great tour package which gives a visitor the authentic experience of Bhutan. The package covers western Bhutan which offers an exciting chance to visit some of the most famous places of cultural, historical and natural significance.

The Living Bhutan Tour - 15 Days

This package offers visitors the chance to trace the Black Mountain pass of Bhutan which is the harbinger of Bhutan’s rich cultural and natural wealth. The visitors can not only enjoy national monuments in spectacular natural settings, but they can also interact with the hospitable inhabitants of the region.

Mystical Bhutan Tour - 5 Days

For time pressed visitors, the Mystical Tour package offers the chance to explore the last Shangrilla and its spectacular nature, culture and people in the quickest time possible.

Journey to Druk Yul - 9 Days

Journey to Druk Yul will provide visitors with a first hand experience of many aspects of Bhutanese life and culture. These tours introduce visitors to unique aspects of Bhutanese history and preserved culture with visits to Dzongs, Pilgrimage sites, museums and fascinating excursions.

Bhutan at a Glance - 4 Days

These tour offers unique opportunities to explore the Bhutanese culture and traditions in brief. The tour includes the most important museums, galleries, places of historic interest and activities to give you a diverse experience of our unique country and its people in fewer days.

Bhutan Thunder Dragon Tour - 6 Days

Bhutan holds many surprises and wonders offering the discerning voyager much to discover and to do. These tour is designed to those who are looking for something special and unique as it expose the rich cultural traditions and customs the people of the Thunder Dragon have to offer.

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