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Drukyul - in Tibetan "The Land of Thunder Dragon" Bhutan is indeed, the Last Shangrila protected by the mighty Himalayas from the rest of the world. Bhutan is only country where monarch rule is still in existence and the Kingdom is blissfully untouched. Hidden in the Eastern Himalayas between India and Tibet as big as Switzerland, but sparsely populated. The Mountains in Bhutan are magnificent, the forests are dense, the people are delightful and peaceful. The main State Religion is Buddhist.  Buddhism has provided Bhutan the essence of a rich culture and fascinating History. The reason for Bhutan's uniqueness and attraction is that its culture and environment have been largely unaltered by the pressure of population or excessive number of Tourist as it used to happen in many other countries. Hence, it is very safe and secure for the Foreign Tourist/travelers visiting Bhutan.

Owing to its very short history of tourism the facilities provided to visitors are still basic and limited. So we request our clients not to have high expectations in terms of facilities in Tibet. However, we will always put in all our efforts to make the tours as pleasant as possible. The roads, especially the highway from Kathmandu can be rough & is subject to blockade due to land slides & floods & the high altitude does pose a serious threat to quite a few people. The average altitude of the Tibetan plateau is 4000m above the sea level & that is a lot higher than most people have been in their lives.

Bhutan Information

Area: 47, 000 sq. Km. Capital: Thimpu Continent: South Asia Seasons: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring

Bhutan Festivals

Tshechus are large social gatherings where people from various villages come together to witness the religious mask dances which are based on incidents from as long as 8th century. The event consists of colorful masked dances, Bhutanese dances and other entertainments.

Trekking in Bhutan

Bhutan has some of the world’s last untouched mountain passes. With more than 72% percent of its total land area preserved under pristine natural vegetation, Bhutan is truly a trekker’s paradise. The varying levels of Himalayan ranges offer the chance for nature enthusiasts to explore the truly untamed wilderness.

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