Fishing in Nepal

Fishing in Nepal

Recreational Fishing in Nepal is one of the adventurous activities offered by our company for many years. Nepal has a dense net of rivers and streams, as well as numerous lakes of cold water character. Nepal is a landlocked country, where snow-clad Himalayas, eternal glaciers, ice-cold torrents, clear-water and lakes contribute to much of its hydrosphere. These vast stretches of inland water support many and varied forms of freshwater life including fish. Many wild and scenic rivers and lakes of Nepal provide opportunities for recreational fishing.

Nowhere else in the Himalayan region could one find hundreds of kilometers of cool, crystal clear fishing waters, teeming with mahseer, snow trout, fresh water eel and catfishes as in the upper reaches of the rivers Gandaki, Koshi and Karnali of Nepal. Angling in such beautiful waters amidst glorious scenery is a diverse, subtle and beguiling sport. The dancing and frolicking of fish are definitely a worth seeing sight in the Himalayan rivers.

The fishing can be done throughout the year. Still the best season to go fishing on the white waters is before and after the monsoon from February until April and October and November. Some popular fishing areas are Karnali, Betrawati, Indrawati, Babai is Bardiya, Chitwan's river confluences, Dolalghat, on Kodari Highway and Pokhara's lakes. Fishing is all the more fun in mountain streams. In the Terai river water large catfish, murrel and carp are found in abundance. There are some specific ethnic groups in the hills and Terai region of Nepal whose lifestyles have been based on fishing. Bote, Majhi, Tharu and Machhuwar are some of them.


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