Bird Watching Tour in Nepal

Bird Watching Tour in Nepal

Bird watching is an exciting thing to experience in Nepal because of the abundant availability of species of birds. You can observe over 800 species of birds in different parts of the country. This has become possible due to the existence of Rhododendron, oak and pine forests in the country. Listed below are some of the places around Kathmandu which are a few of the best areas for bird watching

Bird Watching Tour With Nepal Environmental Trekking


Situated 20km south-east of Kathmandu, it has 265 species of birds. A few of these include babblers, warbles, tits, thrashes, minivets and woodpeckers.


10 km south-east of Kathmandu city, it has 100 species of birds which include lesser racket, trailed drango, Tibetan siskin and spotted fork tail.

Shivpuri Watershed and Wildlife Reserve:

Situated 11km north of Kathmandu, it is a large habitat for birds (entry fees Rs.250)

Nagarjun Forest:

5km from Balaju, you can find Kalij, Bonelli’s eagles, and other exotic birds species.


7km northeast of Kathmandu, it boasts of speckled mountain thrash, orange headed ground thrush and brown owl.

Besides these places famous for Bird watching there are other destinations which include Manahara, near the airport and Taudaha, near Dakshinkali.

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