Island Peak Climbing – Make Your Footsteps in the Heart of the Himalaya

Island peak is also known as “Imja Tse”. Island peak is a mountain in “Sagarmatha National Park” in the eastern Nepal. Before any peak attempt of massive peaks in the Himalaya, this is very first step for all of the climbers. Island Peak Climbing is the very first and most popular peak because it is suitable for both beginners as well as experienced climbers. The altitude of Island Peak is 6189 m.

Requisites for Climbing the Island Peak

For climbing Island Peak, generally requires 5-6 hours of walking every day. However, 10 to 12 hours are required in the summiting day for walk. For this practice is necessary before footstep on the trek. This is the physically demanding trek. Island Peak climbing is naturally designed for the energetic and physically fit trekkers. Just keep in mind that Island Peak Climbing, high altitude and remote area is considered for the walk.

 Island Peak

For this lots of willpower, the ability to stand against harsh weather conditions with sensible fitness and stamina as well as energy. Before attending the Island Peak Climbing, it is necessary to check whole health specially heart, lung and blood diseases. Hence, you should be aware from Himalayan Glacier. The Island Peak climbing is done using the rope. Island Peak Climbing is the ultimate and ideal climbing journey of adventure to beginner climbers who has the vision of living the immense life of devoted mountaineers.

Trek the Highest Peak in Nepal – Mera Peak Climbing

Mera Peak with the altitude of 6476m is the highest trekking peak in Nepal. Mera Peak Climbing is the physically challenging snow trek with straightforward climbing. Due to the altitude, this is the demanding and challenging trekking peak, but also needs basic skills of mountaineering. Thought this trek is straightforward, but the trek is long and demanding after a snowfall. There are some crevasses to Mera Peak is located in the south of Everest Dominating, with the dividing line of watershed of profusely wooded and remote Hinku Valley.

Mera Peak Climbing

From the Mera Peak many more famous peaks with the height of more than 8000 are visible named Mt.Everest (8848m), Lhotse (8516m), Kanchenjunga (8586m), Makalu (8463m), also Nuptse (7855m) as well as Chamlang (7319m), which is the amazing experience. During the Mera Peak Climbing always keep portable altitude chamber or Oxygen cylinder and a medical kit along with a satellite cell phone for the communication are necessary.

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Peak Climbing in Nepal Gives Unforgettable Experience to Tourists

Peak climbing and trekking in Nepal is obviously a fascinating dream for large numbers of mountain climbers. Peak climbing in Nepal usually means climbing of peaks, which are more than 5500 meters height, while less than 7,000 meters.

Climbing or trekking peaks of Nepal are relatively smaller as compared to expedition peaks. In order to climb these peaks, you only require basic mountaineering skills, which include walking over crampons, utilization of ice axes, rope techniques, climbing of rocks and similar others.

Hence, by the help of fully experienced Sherpas and trekking guides, you irrespective of newbie or experienced climbers, you will expect to climb such mountains successfully. Moreover, Peak climbing in Nepal act as a good option for all individuals, who do have adequate time or limited ability but strong interest in expedition across the country.

Popular Peaks to Climb in Nepal

Now, let us have a look on few of the popular peaks to climb in different areas of Nepal.

Mera Peak

Mera Peak Climbing, as the name suggests, takes individuals to about 6461 meters height i.e. at the summit of Mera peak, recognized as a highly sought trekking peak in Nepal. From its summit, you will be able to get incredible views of the mountains and other areas of Himalayan region to admire.

The trip starts in Nepal’s capital city i.e. Kathmandu followed by a flight to Lukla. Here, peak climbers have to climb from valleys and beautiful hills to reach the completely cold mountain area. Located at the edge of popular Khumbu region, climbing to Mera Peak gives a good opportunity to enjoy trekking activities in the Nepal’s Himalayan region.

Island Peak

 Island Peak

Summit for the Island Peak Climbing begins in early morning with excellent yet interesting scramble combined with rock ridge towards the mountain glacier. Over the rock ridge, you will also find a steep snow wall of head that leads to the summit. By reaching at the top of the famous Island peak, you will get opportunity to view breathtaking yet panoramic views of various gigantic mountains. These are Lhotse, Nuptse, Lhotse Shar and similar others forming a semi circle in the northern region. In addition, you will get stunning views of Baruntse and Makalu in the eastern region and Amadablam, the famous expedition peak of the southern region. Thus, climbing of mountain peaks will give you an unforgettable experience to mountain climbers, trekkers and other Nepal tourists.

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